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ben janke new hawtness on the right =D =D
andy buck winnar!
joshua m. haroldson nice computer. all the cool people on tag have one.
andy buck josh you have an imac too? rad
joshua m. haroldson i got mine in the spring. its totally rad.
andy buck i keep thinking about getting one, but i think i'll just go with a 23" for my macbook
joshua m. haroldson thats really not a bad plan. the macbooks are pretty capable little computers.
andy buck especially a black one with 2 gigs of ram and a TB of external storage
joshua m. haroldson i think your covered then...
ben janke naw, he definitely needs an imac
andy buck ^
steve block didn't you already try the "external monitor for macbook" route?
andy buck yes but not properly: 1) that first display was completely inadequate. 2) i used to take my macbook to work every day, now it remains on my desk.

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