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victoria jones What am I looking at... is that a mechanical bull?
andy buck haha yes, and shea got mark a free ride
shea prueger what and is trying to say is that when it really comes down to it, i'm only good for free mechanical bull rides and a few cheap shots of powers....maybe a few high lifes and a thing of cheese grits. but i do carry camel crush with me. try and top that!
andy buck hey now, don't be so hard on yourself. the grilled cheese and catfish tacos were good too
shea prueger right and the hot sauce. and that girl mark kept hitting on. never seen him so upfront before.
andy buck i mean what isn't good with sriracha, it's a miracle product
andy buck mark was totally hitting on that girl. tag- don't let him convince you otherwise
mark jacobson apparently my 20 mississippi plus bull ride wasn't sufficiently impressive for her
andy buck i dunno, maybe she was playing it cool
andy buck also, girl in the red jacket... you missed out
mark jacobson girl in red jacket would have been mine, if only i had something irresistible
mark jacobson *with me
shea prueger maybe you just didn't have enough tattoos for her. i'll let her know you are planning on finishing your sleeve in the next few months.
mark jacobson huh, i always suspected my lack of tattoos is what causes women to ignore me on the les, in that case, i better go with two sleeves